Many years ago I was very fortunate to find a very old shoe box. Opening it up, I was amazed to find the biggest pile of letters from my Nan to my Grandad (and some replies from him). These letters were written over a 3 year period in the 1950’s, where they were separated due to Job demands. My Grandad had moved to South Africa for work, while my Nan stayed in England and looked after the family.

Not only does this shoebox contain such a fascinating piece of history for me and my family. It also reveals a true love story that conquered the stresses of being apart, my Nan raising 4 boys on her own and the general life in the 50’s.

As fascinating as it is, I just couldn’t leave it tucked up in a corner in the attic. So I made it my mission to type them all out (mainly for fear of them being destroyed or getting lost).

I made this blog, to share this story of two ordinary people, who loved each other so much. I hope you all enjoy tehm as much as I do!

If only people wrote letters now eh?